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Amazon Associate

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Do you want to make money from home?

One of the best ways to do that is joining the Amazon Associates Program. This program is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, and it helps content creators, publishers, and website owners monetize their traffic.

With millions of products to choose from on, Amazon Associates use easy link-building tools to direct their readers to products and earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

As an associate, you’ll have access to a suite of reporting tools that will help you learn what resonates best with your audience and generate more revenue for your business.

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon Associate
Amazon Asssociate

Below, you will find a step-by-step tutorial that will help you navigate the process and answer many of your questions.


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Page
Amazon Associates Sign Up Page


Amazon is an online retailer that sells various products, from books and clothes to electronics and home goods. Associates who join the Amazon Associates Program can earn a commission on qualifying sales made through their website or blog.

If you already have an existing Amazon account, it’s easier to get an amazon associates account.

Once you are approved to become an Amazon affiliate, you will be able to create an Amazon Affiliate Link. These links uniquely identify you as the person responsible for getting that customer to buy that product.

Whether it’s a blog, a YouTube channel video, Pinterest, or any other method, you create an online store (Or affiliate site) for people to buy Amazon Products from you.

Amazon Products Links
Amazon Products Links

Affiliate marketers drive traffic and sell to people looking for products. You can think of it as getting a referral fee from Amazon for you selling their products.


What is an Affiliate Program?



If you’ve ever done digital marketing, you know affiliate marketing. But for those who don’t know, an affiliate program allows you to sell a company’s products to people for a commission.

The Amazon Associates Program is one of the largest in the world. It allows you to become a salesperson for millions of products essentially. It enables you to monetize your traffic. It is Amazon’s Affiliate Marketing Program, and it’s one of the largest and most used. If you’re not already a member, you should strongly consider becoming one.


If you join the Amazon Affiliate Program or any other affiliate marketing program, you will usually have to have a way of tracking sales. (There are different and more sophisticated ways to track your traffic and sales, it’s beyond the scope of this article.)

An affiliate link is a unique link that helps track sales you make for a company. Companies use affiliate links to see how popular their products are and see which products people buy the most.

It’s best to have affiliate links on your website or blog. That way, you’re identified as the seller of the product. That way, you get commissions, and you can track the success of your marketing efforts.

Affiliate links are used in most digital and eCommerce marketing affiliate marketing.


The process of joining the Amazon Associates Program is pretty simple. All you need is to sign up.


What does an Amazon Associate do?

Once you become an Amazon Associate, you need to design a way to drive traffic and then show an offer to people.

Creating a unique offer in affiliate programs is difficult because you have limited control as to what price you can offer and how you can bundle a product. Reviewing products or talking about them is probably the best way to drive traffic to get people to click on your affiliate links to get sales.

The affiliate link should be easy to find, and it should be for a product that people are likely to want to buy.

What is a funnel?

A marketing funnel is a concept. It describes the process that your target market will follow. It starts at the top of the funnel, which is the beginning of the process. Then it goes to the purchase, which is the end of the funnel.

There are many ways to drive traffic to get people to notice you and ultimately buy.

If you’re looking to start making money through affiliate marketing, the best way to do so is by reviewing products. You can check them individually or compare them to other products. Once you create affiliate links, you can place those links strategically so that people can click on them and go to the sales page. Remember that your affiliate links must be unique to you, or you will not get credit for the sale.

When you write a blog post about a product, you provide information and entertainment for your readers. In addition, you’re also providing a valuable service by letting them know about great products they can conveniently buy through your affiliate link. They will not be charged any more money for using your link.

A similar method of doing this is to create a Youtube channel. You can review products by creating videos and entertainingly talking about them. You can either lead people back to your blog or provide a link for people to click on YouTube.


How much do Amazon associates make?

Amazon Associate Program Commission Income Statemetn
Amazon Associate Program Commission Income Statement

The amount that Amazon Associates makes depends on how many visitors ultimately click on the affiliate link and the commission rate that the product pays.

Different products pay different commissions. Some products pay up to 10%, and others pay a lower amount.

Amazon Associates can also get paid for hitting traffic thresholds. In other words, if you send a certain number of people to a seller, you may get paid a bonus.

Amazon Associates can earn $50 to $600,000 per month on a given product. Those arent’ typical results. To generate that kind of revenue, you need to be an excellent driver of traffic and a good marketer.



Is it easy to join Amazon Associates?


It’s relatively easy to join amazon associates.

First, you need to click on the link and follow the instruction.

It is here where you apply to get your Amazon Associates Account. You will need to access your OTP (One Time Password). Once approved, you will get an email acknowledging that you are.

On that email, you will get access to your Amazon Associates Homepage, where you will get access to create your Amazon affiliate links.


How do I become an Amazon affiliate?


Amazon Associate Program can be a suitable method for monetizing your blog site. You sign up and get instant approval. If you buy something from Amazon through any link on my website, you’ll get a commission.

The following guide shows people how to become an Amazon affiliate and includes screenshots. If you want to start a company or a small business, this method should give you a fantastic starting point.



Amazon Affiliate Program: How to Become an Amazon Associate to Boost Income


How to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program in 2022


One of the best ways to make money in 2022 is Affiliate marketing. You’re only selling other people’s products with affiliate marketing, which means you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or returns. All you have to do is sell Amazon products!


How to Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program in 2022

Once you get an Amazon Associates Account, you will be able to create links to products that you wish to promote. The Amazon Affiliate Program gives you credit for up to 24 hours if you make a sale. In other words, if I go to your site and I click on your link, but I don’t buy, then I have up to 24 hours to purchase from you for you to get the commission.

That’s why you need to get an Amazon Affiliate Account. Although it doesn’t pay as well as other programs, it offers lots of products for you to promote and gives your customers choices that they may not have otherwise.




Becoming an Amazon Affiliate and Sell More Online

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate does not have to be your primary income driver. Although it’s a straightforward method to use and start with, many affiliates use various methods to link to products and get affiliate commissions.

Amazon Associates gives you the ability to sell many products quickly and efficiently easily. Amazon has an excellent reputation and pays quickly.


What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

The amazon affiliate program is a program that helps people sell products through If someone buys a product through a link on your website, you get money.

Your company information has already been entered and will appear with your Amazon Associates account.


How much does the Amazon Affiliate program pay?

Amazon Associates will get paid for anything the visitor buys on that session. So if they click on other things and “add to cart” and believe, you get a commission for that.

Below is the Fixed Standard Commission Income Rate for Product Categories:

Amazon Associates Site Stripe
Amazon Associates Site Stripe


This method is another excellent way to get started as an online retailer. You don’t have to worry about dropshipping or investing any inventory of your own.


Remember that how much you ultimately make depends on how many visitors click on your link and how many of them eventually wind up buying.

How much commission you get paid is based on the rates listed above.

So, what you decide to promote should take these things into account, i.e., You will sell more lower-priced items but at a lower commission.

You can set up payments to go to your home via check as a gift card or have them make a direct deposit to your bank account.


How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link


As of this writing, Amazon is promoting its SiteStripe Link, a bar that appears for all of its affiliates. It allows you to quickly generate affiliate links for any product you wish to promote.


You can generate as many Amazon Affiliate Links as you wish. It is a considerable advantage for Amazon Associates because it gives you a chance to offer your customers many choices. Marketers consider it to be a very comprehensive affiliate program.

It comes in handy because you may want to provide reviews on different products, giving your customers a choice in the product they ultimately buy. That way, you can make money, no matter what.

Strict rules protect Amazon’s links. The site provides affiliate links to products in exchange for affiliate commissions.

The terms of the amazon affiliate program are subject to change at any time, so you must check them regularly.

You can be sure that if you follow the rules and regulations, you will be able to make a high income as an Amazon Associate.


There are many products to choose from on Amazon, so you should have no trouble finding things for your audiences.

Just remember to focus on quality over quantity, and you’ll be sure to succeed.



How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program

To Keep track of how much money you make, you need to login to the Amazon Associates page:

Amazon Associates Home Page
Amazon Associates Home Page

If you want to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program, you must first join the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Once you have that done, you need to decide on a product(s) and a strategy to sell that product(s). Remember that certain products are more conducive to selling on particular platforms. In other words, certain people tend to respond better to Pinterest vs. TikTok. You should be mindful of the type of people that hang out on different social media sites.

Once you decide on a product and niche, decide on a content marketing strategy for the product you are selling. Driving traffic to your link can take place in different ways.

We recommend that you have an active website to act as your hub. That way, you have a website address and email with your domain.

It will not only give you a place of your own to send customers, but you can control your brand and have them interact with you there as well.

You can create a blog and write product reviews here by having your own website. It is a common way that bloggers monetize their sites.

You can also leverage this site by creating videos on your YouTube Channel. You can embed videos here or provide an affiliate link in the video description area.

When you create content for these products (primarily written content in your blogs), that’s when you can start focusing on SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It’s the method where your content starts to rank for search engines. The higher your page lands on the results page, the more likely you will begin to generate income using this method. (You will also need to follow some robust link-building techniques, but this is beyond the scope of this article.)

Other methods that you can use to start generating traffic are TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

To gain a following, you can create organic content or pay for ads using these platforms.

The advantage of doing paid ads is that the platforms will distribute your content to particular audiences you indicated you would like to see your ads. With organic content and paid ads, you will need to create amazon affiliate links for people to click with a call to action.

As with anything else, you will need to familiarize yourself with the best ways to draw attention to your channels, regardless of whether you use paid or organic traffic. For example, TikTok has a unique style of video that does well on its platform vs. Instagram. It’s important to know what kind videos and ad verbiage to use in any given situation.

Once people click on these affiliate links, they land on the sales page, where they can complete the buying cycle on the Amazon Web site. You create Amazon Affiliate Links in your Amazon Associates Central Area. Affiliate marketers put their links on as many platforms as possible to maximize their revenue potential.

New Affiliate Marketers tend to get stuck, but the important thing is to get started with one method. Then you can begin to expand on other funnels to display your Amazon Associates Links.

Your Amazon Affiliate Website should also link to your different platforms where your audiences can interact with you and your reviews. You can provide product links here and on the other platforms.

Be aware that Amazon’s affiliate program includes physical and digital products, which can come in handy to increase your sales figures. You can provide more solutions to your customers. It is what they call an Amazon Affiliate Website.

Remember, if you do focus on the website, you will have to create ways to generate traffic to the website.



Do You Have to Have a Website?

You don’t have to have an affiliate site, but I recommend having one.

You can always create one later. Having a site allows you to create a brand and a hub to have people see all of your reviews.

You don’t have to have a website to join the amazon associates program, but it’s a good idea. Having your own website will let you create a brand and a place for people to see all of your reviews.

If you don’t have a website, you can buy a domain name and create a WordPress site.

You can use the Amazon Associates Central Area to create amazon affiliate links for your content.

If you have an existing website, you can add content related to Amazon products and include amazon affiliate links within your online store.


Getting Paid as an Amazon Associate


Amazon Associates pay you if you’ve made a sale using your Amazon Link.

As an Amazon Affiliate, they have the banking information you have provided to them. They pay you soon after you make the sales. You will provide them with a threshold for them to pay you. The minimum threshold is $100. (Once you reach $100 in commissions, they pay you via checks, gift cards, or direct deposit.)

Selling as an Amazon Affiliate is relatively easy and can get you started getting paid within a small amount of time. It’s something that you should add to your repertoire.


What about Taxes?

Anytime you sell and make revenue, there are tax consequences. You need to consult with a tax consultant to learn about any payment and tax information you need to provide.



Becoming an Amazon Associate is a great way to make money. With millions of products to choose from, you can find something for just about anyone.

It’s important to get started soon when it comes to amazon affiliate marketing. Amazon is one of the easiest and most robust ways to start, and you can find products for just about anyone. Plus, amazon pays quickly once you’ve made a sale, making it a great way to supplement your income.

You may also be interested in other affiliate programs that offer different types of products. Be sure to check out other posts that show you how.

Be sure to do your research before signing up so that you know what the program entails.

Once you get started, be sure to take advantage of all the reporting tools available to you so that you can see what’s working and what’s not. And finally, don’t forget to consult with a tax professional before you start selling so that you’re prepared come tax time. Thanks for reading!


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and make comments below.

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