Convertkit: Your One-Stop Shop for Email Marketing Success 2020




Convertkit: Your One-Stop Shop for Email Marketing Success 2020


Are you looking for an email marketing software that will allow you to create landing pages, design unique emails, market to your audience, and create funnels that will help you establish and maintain a strong relationship with your audience?

Look no further than Convertkit!

Convertkit is the one-stop-shop for email marketing success. With this platform, you can easily create beautiful landing pages, design stunning emails, and market to your audience cost-effectively and efficiently.



ConvertKit Home Page
ConvertKit Home Page

Convertkit is a tool that helps you deliver emails and marketing campaigns to your audience.

With Convertkit, you can easily create beautiful landing pages, design stunning emails, and market to your audience cost-effectively and efficiently. It is one of the best email marketing platforms that help you get many email subscribers. You will then be able to use your email list to bring people to things such as a blog post or webinar that you may be hosting.  It is on of the best email marketing software platforms around.


After creating a Convertkit Account, you will have access to fantastic email and landing page templates.


These tremendous tools will help you capture emails and help you engage and strengthen relationships with your audience.

ConvertKit Review & Tutorial 2022: Email Marketing Simplified?

You get a free trial when you sign up for a premium level (Creator and Creator Pro Versions) of ConvertKit.

Sign Up
Sign Up

It’s a deal to use the free trial under one of the premium levels for a little while so that you can use some of the other features available under the free level. For example, you get live chat and email support, automated finals, and email sequences.


With the Creator Pro level, you get priority customer support, Facebook customer audiences, a newsletter referral system, subscriber scoring, and advanced reporting.

ConvertKit Product Overview

ConvertKit Explore Features
ConvertKit Explore Features

Although ConvertKit specializes as an email marketing platform, it has many features that make it more than that.

Landing Pages-

ConvertKit Landing Pages
ConvertKit Pages

ConvertKit allows you to easily create Landing Pages in minutes to promote any project.

Email Sign Up Forms-

ConvertKit Email SignUp Pages
ConvertKit Email SignUp Pages

ConvertKit allows you to easily create email sign-up forms. This is convenient because it will enable readers of your blogs and emails to easily inconveniently to your list. This feature is fantastic for professional bloggers with their email marketing. It is available in the free plan.  These customizable email sign up forms allow for seamless marketing and help you bond with your niche.

A handy WordPress Plugin allows you to put in Newsletter and Email Sign Up forms on your WordPress Site.

Email marketing simplified?

As we had mentioned before, ConvertKit has a free version. We recommend starting out with this plan if you have fewer than 1000 subscribers. As you start gaining new subscribers and go over the 1000 subscribers threshold, you’ll be upgraded to the creator level.

ConvertKit offers Great support.

They have:

  • How to guides
  • Blog articles
  • Workshops
  • Podcasts
  • Knowledge base
  • Community
  • Educational support
  • How to Use their Customizable sign up forms

With all of these things, you will get meaningful insight into how to create great subject lines and the importance of having a call to action in your emails.

What is ConvertKit used for?

ConvertKit View Subs and LandPages
ConvertKit View Subs and LandPages

ConvertKit is a marketing platform used by people such as musicians, authors, coaches, podcasters, and other online creators.

Convertkit allows all of its users to use their email marketing tools and easy visual automation to capture leads and continue using their email sequences and broadcast email service.

It also helps you build an excellent sales funnel, allowing you to provide a great lead magnet to your prospective subscribers.

Instead of having them hosted on a site, you can also email courses to your customers. This is a way to save money, just one of the many impressive features of ConvertKit.

Who uses ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an excellent email marketing software for anyone looking to grow their audience and customer base. It is especially ideal for people with a blog or online content looking to increase their email subscribers. It offers a wide variety of features.

They give you easy email creation and design, the ability to create quick and effective pages, and different templates.

They have automated email sequences that make it one of the best email marketing platforms anywhere.

It allows you to create forms for your customers to fill out, and you can attach different tags to your lists to segment your audiences.


How do I start using ConvertKit?

When you first sign up for ConvertKit, you will provide your email address and password. Then you fill out different forms indicating the level of ConvertKit that you will benefit most from. You will have to wait to get your account approved.

Once approved, you will enjoy all of the benefits of having an account, including the ability to create automated workflows. . You will be able to send emails with links, access the email sequences, and broadcast messages.  ConvertKit is a great email marketing platform.

If you have a free email account, you will still be able to do free email marketing and use the ConvertKit Plugin for your WordPress site. You have to go to your Main Settings and get set up as a new subscriber.

Should I use ConvertKit?

If you are looking for an email marketing platform that offers a wide variety of features and is easy to use, ConvertKit is a great option.

It is especially ideal for bloggers and online creators who want to increase their email subscribers.

ConvertKit has easy email creation and design, landing pages, and automated email sequences. It helps make it easy to create lead magnets and deliver them to your subscribers, whether you have the free plan or paid. (The ability to create automated workflows cannot be understated!)

They also have an extensive knowledge base that gives an example of different successful best practices.

They give you specific emails and templates to use and give you many more options than their competitors, allowing you to showcase your products and services.

Also, ConvertKit offers you the opportunity to put links in your emails.

How long is ConvertKit free?

ConvertKit has different levels. It also has a free trial period depending on the promotions available.

The ConvertKit Free version is free.  Even the free version is a great email marketing platform.

It’s designed for people at the beginning stages of their marketing journey.

ConvertKit Free is $0/month for your list’s first $1,000 subscribers. Once it goes above that amount, you will be charged at the Creator Level’s next level.

The Creator Level is $83 per month (Billed Annually or $99/month if billed monthly) and above, depending on the number of subscribers.

The next level Is Creator Pro. It’s $139/month, but $116 per month if billed annually. It’s for people who need all the features to market to their audience.

ConvertKit Pricing, Features, Reviews, and Alternatives

ConvertKit Pricing Plans
ConvertKit Pricing Plans

As stated above, they are different pricing tiers and features available. The free level does not allow you to migrate your list to other tools. It doesn’t allow you to automate your finals in sequences or create custom audiences on Facebook.

ConvertKit Email MarketingTools
ConvertKit Email MarketingTools

You can’t make a newsletter referral system to have a score on each of your subscribers or have advanced reporting.

The Creator Level does not allow you to have a Facebook Customer, the Newsletter Referral System, their Subscriber Scoring, or the Advanced Reporting. However, all of the other features are available.

The creator Pro-Level gives you all of the tools. This is a must for Advanced marketers, professional bloggers, and those looking to get their business to the next level.

The automation templates are available from the Creator Level up. You get to create unlimited landing pages and take your email marketing to the next level. You can complete a new form and automate your funnels and sequences at this level. You have access to their unique landing page templates, which help you get things done faster.

You can also upload images to easily use them in your email sequences and landing pages and send people drip email courses.

ConvertKit makes it easy to take new subscribers through a customized journal that you create. You can place a link within your email so that they become part of your list and connect with you through different media.


Frequently Asked Questions About ConvertKit

Is ConvertKit Good for those with a Blog?


ConvertKit makes it easy to send out emails to your readers notifying them of new content that you have published on your website. It will also let them access new materials they may be interested in buying. You can create custom newsletters, landing pages, and email sequences with its easy-to-use platform. 

These tools will help you establish a stronger relationship and connect with your readers. 

ConvertKit also has excellent tools for you to make your email list bigger.

#1 Sign up for a ConvertKit account

A great way to start with ConvertKit is to start with their free plan. Convert kit offers unlimited landing pages and forms, email broadcasts, Community support, and the right to sell digital products and subscriptions at this level for up to 300 subscribers. It is a great way to start email marketing.

At the free level, you’ll get the landing page templates and the email templates. Once you are ready to upgrade, you can go to the settings page and upgrade your account.

#2 Set up your account info in ConvertKit

ConvertKit will ask you questions to set up your account. You can explore the many templates and go to the knowledge base to learn how to set up sequences and broadcasts.

Using these features will help you automate your business and free up your time to devote to other aspects.

#3 Set up a forms

It’s essential to properly set up a new form for your prospects. The look and feel will influence the number of subscribers to your list and subsequent conversion rates.

At this step, you need to have a great lead magnet to incentivize them into signing up for your list.

#4 Add the form to your website

When you’re done designing your form, ConvertKit will give you some code to paste on your webpage so that form will appear on your website so people can sign up for your email list.

You can paste it on any of your pages you’d like to put that form.

#5. Add tags and segments

You can add tags to your subscribers to properly segment your lists.

It’s essential to have a specific tag for each of your lists. In other words, you want to separate your buyers from your non-buyers and any further segmentation that may be relevant.


Setting up landing pages in ConvertKit.

Explain how ConvertKit allows you to easily create landing pages for you to explain to prospects what your products and services can do for them and to capture their emails after offering them a lead magnet


About ConvertKit

ConvertKit created ConvertKit. Their aim is to create a platform for creators. They want to facilitate any project you make and turn it into a reality.

They take pride that you can start with it for free.

Sending and optimizing your first broadcast

A Broadcast email is an email that can immediately be sent out to your entire email list or to a segment of it.

When you send out a broadcast, you should first filter who in your list should receive your email.

The next step is to write out your email and design it using templates if you wish.

Then, you can schedule it for later, or you can send it live.

Creating your first visual automation

A Visual Automation is a visual representation of how your emails will be delivered to your list.

You can design and schedule them in any way you see fit.

When subscribers join your list, they can be sent emails in any increment you’d like. The idea is to communicate with them using emails to enrich your relationship.

These emails can be designed as part of a sales funnel, a communications tool, targeted content, or anything else you wish to convey.

The Visual Automation tool is one of the most powerful features that ConvertKit provides for you.

Setting up your first email sequence in ConvertKit.

Creating beautiful and powerful emails in ConvertKit is both easy and straightforward. 

You can design them as plain text or create ones with beautiful designs that include graphics and videos.

You should always prioritize simple emails that deliver and convert. They should include simple colors, fonts, alignment, etc.

Your content must be well-written and free of grammar errors.

Your email sequence can be as long or as short as you want. 

The most important thing is that each email must have a purpose and achieve the goal you set for it. 

The email should be clear and have a call to action that is clear and direct. This could be as simple as “click on the link below.”

Email sequences are essential in any marketer’s toolkit because they allow you to nurture your list and establish a relationship of trust with your subscribers. There should be a good mixture of content that includes educational material and sales material to sustain your business.

Once you’re happy with your email, you can then schedule it to go out on any day that you wish.

Is ConvertKit A Sales Tool?


ConvertKit is a great tool to help you monetize your business. You can sell eBooks, Premium Newsletters, Music, Presets (Photos or Video Presets for Adobe Products), Coaching, and more.

All you need to do is add your product details and set the price. Then you customize your product page to match your branding, and then you can embed the code into your emails so that people can buy your products.

Of course, you shouldn’t only focus on selling. The majority of your emails should be content-based. Only a few of them should contain sales offers and links.

Suppose you want to be successful with selling products through ConvertKit. In that case, you need to focus on providing value first and foremost. Only then will people buy from you.

Can you Integrate ConvertKit with Other Tools?


They have an API that they have excellent documentation on.

ConvertKit integrates easily with Squarespace, Teachable, and Shopify. It also integrates with:


ConvertKit is a fantastic platform that allows you to create landing pages, design beautiful emails, market to your audience, and create funnels that will help you establish and maintain a strong relationship with your audience.

ConvertKit provides you with their visual automation tool. It is one of the most powerful features that they have. You can set email sequences that are essential in any marketer’s toolkit with it.

ConvertKit is also a great sales tool- you can sell products such as eBooks, Premium Newsletters, and Presets through their platform.

If you want to successfully sell products through ConvertKit, focus on providing value first and foremost to your audience.

If you want to find out more, click here.


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