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You’re probably wondering how you can find a never-ending supply of content ideas to share with your audience. You want to create quality content that will help build the relationship between you and your readers, but where do you start? In this blog post, we’ll explore 8 easy ways for finding new topics to write about on your blog or social media channels.

1) Look at what’s trending in the news – What are people talking about in current events? This is an invaluable resource for finding interesting content because it taps into a topic everyone is interested in. Keep up with trending stories by checking out Google News on a regular basis so that you know when something big happens!

2) Find inspiration from other bloggers- Do you have a blog that’s related to your niche? If so, look at what they’re writing about and share content from them on your own channels. By sharing their content with your followers, it will help to build the relationship between all of you!

Bonus Tip: Schedule time each day for reading blogs in order to find new topics.

3) Go on Facebook – see what your friends on Facebook are talking about. Is it anything that’s relevant to you and your niche? You could share a story that you think they might be interested in and see what happens.

Bonus Tip: Use Facebook’s search bar for topics to find other people who are talking about the same thing as you!


4) Go on To Buzz Sumo- find buzzworthy content. BuzzSumo is a research tool that helps you find the most popular content across any topic or industry, based on social media shares and other engagement metrics.

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for great blog topics to write about in your niche, go to BuzzSumo’s Content Research tab to generate ideas.

5) See what is trending on Twitter – Twitter’s Trends section will show you what topics are being discussed on Twitter.

Bonus Tip: Try the Hashtag search to see which hashtags are trending and talk about a topic that is relevant to your audience.

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The best way I’ve found to find more content ideas is by using BuzzSumo – it finds popular content across any industry or niche for you based on social media shares and other engagement metrics. #contentwritingtip” “You could share a story that you think they might be interested in and see what happens.” – via @sarahdarcyjane Bonus tip: If you’re looking for great blog topics, go to their Content Research tab so generate ideas.#ContentWritingTip #blog

6)Pinterest- Pinterest is a great way to find new content. It is full of ideas that people have put together. If you do not have an account, create one now. You Will learn a lot of stuff and you will notice the effort that people have put in to make amazing graphics and content. This will help you in creating content for your audience as well.

7)YouTube- YouTube is a great way to see what people are looking for in videos. You can search by keywords and find amazing content that you may not have seen before. You will also be able to get some ideas on how to create the video as well.

[*]: Create an account for Pinterest, this will help with finding new topics easily!

[*: *]Find interesting videos from your audience’s perspective too.*Hint* Go into “Trending” or type in your niche topic! [:] The best ways to find ideas for content your audience loves.

YouTube has plenty of suggestions when it comes to creating more engaging content.[*]: Search by keyword and research thee results. [*: *] You can also search by subject and see what’s trending.

[*]: If you need inspiration for your next video, check out YouTube channels like BuzzFeed Video or the Buzzfeed Food channel. These videos often contain easy-to-follow tutorials that will get your viewers hooked! [*]If you’re looking to create a video on how to do something such as making macaroni and cheese from scratch, type in “how to make” plus whatever it is you’re going to share with them.[*]: Take advantage of these resources when thinking of ways to produce new content.*Hint* Do this before creating any old ideas because they may not be worth sharing.

8) Instagram – Instagram is another great platform where you can get ideas. People are constantly sharing via images and videos the latest. This means that you can easily spot trends and see what’s important to people at any given time.


9) TikTok: Tiktok is quickly becoming the most important platform. It is important that you have an account and understand what is trending. You can also post your own content and get ideas from others.

In conclusion: You can use any one of these methods or a combination thereof. The important thing is that you are constantly in tune with your audience and what’s important to them.

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