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Do you often find yourself struggling to keep track of your sources?

Are you tired of spending hours trying to format your citations correctly?

If so, then you need EasyBib!

EasyBib is the world’s most comprehensive and easy-to-use citation, note-taking, and research platform. With EasyBib, you can quickly and easily create accurate citations for any source, take notes on what you read, and conduct research more effectively.

Teachers, professors, Facebook, and even Google love and demand that proper credit is given when credit is due. Now, you can cite others’ writing with the click of a button.  You can even select from the citation style that is required from you!

You will see that creating bibliographies is as easy as clicking a button. The bibliography creator allows you to use different citation styles and will automate the process for you. It is compatible with modern browsers (Internet Explorer and Chrome). Also, it has other tools that you will find helpful. It is one of the best citation generators, and it is free. We will show you many of its features and resources available to you when you write a paper in the review.

What is EasyBib?

EasyBib Writing
EasyBib Writing

EasyBib is an app that cites sources for your research papers and writing. It has a bibliography creator that uses different citation styles. It also has other tools that can be useful when writing a paper, such as a note-taking tool and a research tool. There is a Chrome extension, which can be installed on any Chromium-based browser, which is the language that most modern browsers use.

There is a free version and a paid version. Both versions allow you to create footnotes or bibliographies in different citation styles, including Chicago style, MLA Style, APA Format, Harvard style, and others. It is very convenient for a student or a professional who focuses on writing papers, journal articles, or blogs that need proper citation.

EasyBib Website
EasyBib Website

EasyBib has a website that you can visit, and it has an extension that you can use.

If you visit the website, you’ll notice that you.

After doing your research and writing your papers, the last thing you want to do is the citing what needs to be done. Easybib access allows you to automate the process. All you have to do is input the URL or the name of the work, and EasyBib does the rest.

Once the Citation Generator does its magic, all you have to do is copy and paste it. The bibliography will be done according to the citation styles you indicate (Chicago Style, MLA, ALA, etc). Examples are provided on the website.

Remember that it also has the convenient EasyBib extension, which is compatible with most modern browsers (which includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.)

Check Your Paper for Grammar and Plagiarism

EasyBib Grammar

On its website, Easybib has a plagiarism checker that allows you to paste your research paper or any work. It compares what you’ve pasted to everything that’s been uploaded previously.

You can also have your grammar checked before creating your citations. This includes any plagiarism mistakes you may have inadvertantly made. 

Cite Correctly

EasyBib updates its citing styles regularly. You can rest assured that you will have the correct citation style and the latest versions after creating your posts or papers. They include titles, dates, publishing companies, etc.

Before you create bibliographies, it’s essential to go to the website and verify the syle of citations you wish to create.

What is EasyBib® Plus?

EasyBib Plus is the premium version of the product. For $9.95 per month, you check unlimited plagiarism checks, unlimited style, grammar, sentence structure suggestions, and multiple style source types to cite in your work.

As you can see, there are many more resources and tools when you pay for the premium version. With the free account, you only get 5 suggestions (for style, grammar, and sentence structure), no plagiarism checking, and no choice in citation style.

Choose Your Citation Style

Talk about the importance of choosing from different citation styles with this tool.

The importance of choosing from different citation styles with this tool is that it allows the user to have more control over their citations. EasyBib allows you to choose from various citation styles, which makes it more customizable for the user. This is important because the user can select the style that best suits their needs when turning in papers or citing online.

With EasyBib Plus, you can choose from:

  • MLA Style
  • APA Format
  • Chicago Style
  • Harvard
  • And Many, Many More (Even the technical ones)

You can also have an expert check your paper. You will get a response within 24 hours. You can submit up to 30 papers per month that are 3,000 words each. (This is a premium feature that you can try for free during their trial.)

Check Your Grammar Mistakes

Another one of the fantastic tools that EasyBib provides is that it can check the grammar in your document.

Checking for Plagiarism

When you write anything, you need to cite things properly. Otherwise, you will be accused of plagiarism.  Plagiarism mistakes can be very costly.  

EasyBib offers many tools for your paper, journal articles or blog so that you can do proper bibliographies using source options at the click of your mouse.

The easiest way to check for plagiarism in EasyBib is to visit the site and paste your document into their checker.

Downloading the Extension

If you want to download the extension, you need to go to the store where you get your browser’s extensions.  For example, if you use Chrome, go to the Chrome Store.  Then search for “EasyBib” and download it and install it to your browser.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

Customer Support

EasyBib offers excellent Customer Support. You have to email them, and they will answer you promptly.


EasyBib is a comprehensive and easy-to-use citation, note-taking, and research platform. It can help educators teach students and business professionals how to become effective and organized researchers. With its accurate tools and resources, EasyBib is an indispensable tool for any writer or student.

It is an excellent tool for any student or writer who wants to create accurate citations and avoid plagiarism. With its comprehensive resources and easy-to-use platform, EasyBib is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve their research skills. Try EasyBib today! You won’t be disappointed.

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