Printify Print on Demand: Powerful Custom Designs on Your Favorite Products 2022




Printify Print on Demand: Great Designs on Your Favorite Products


If you are looking for a print-on-demand service with unique customization options, look no further than Printify! With Printify, you can put your custom logo or design on many products. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses and brands that want to create unique effects. Printify has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating your designs a breeze.

Printify: Print on Demand

What is Printify, and How Does It Work?


Printify is a print-on-demand service that allows online store owners to create custom designs and print them on various products.

This makes it the perfect choice for businesses and brands that want to create unique products that reflect their identity. Printify has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating your designs a breeze.

Print-on-demand services like Printify are perfect for bloggers and online store owners who want to sell items on social media platforms or directly on their sites.

Print on demand allows you to print custom designs on various products, so you can create unique items that reflect your blog or brand. Plus, print-on-demand services like Printify have easy-to-use tools to provide customers with items, such as t-shirts, that will strengthen your brand.

You will have a broad marketplace at your fingertips. Below you will find our full review.

Printify makes the whole process easy and seamless.

Printify Review: Features, Pricing, Shipping & More!


Printify offers many unique features that make it the perfect print-on-demand service for businesses and brands. These features include:

– A wide variety of products to choose from, including shirts, hoodies, pants, golf balls, backpacks, handbags, phone cases, and more

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fast shipping
  • Excellent customer service

If you are looking for a print-on-demand service (POD Service) that offers fantastic customization options, look no further than Printify!

With Printify, you can put your custom logo or design on many products. This makes it the perfect choice for businesses and brands that want to create unique effects. Printify has an easy-to-use interface that makes creating your designs a breeze.

Printify also has excellent pricing. They have different pricing tiers to help you best serve your customer’s needs.

They have seamless apps that work with your Shopify stores or a WordPress site (You can use WooCommerce). Either version of an online store will work.

Starting a POD business is a great way to increase your profit margins quickly.

You can also have links to products using a plain blog.

Let Printify work for you!

They have print providers that act as their shipping companies. They get your items to your customers efficiently to have high customer satisfaction.

These companies also ensure that you have high print quality control. Each of these companies has been vetted by Printify. You can rest assured that your designs are correctly printed on your items sold.

Remember that your print-on-demand business will depend on the printing quality.  Printify’s print quality is among the best. 

While the premium plan gives you more options than the free plan, you can start off with the free plan. Once you start making more money, you can upgrade.

One of the best Facebook Products that is offered is Facebook Shops. You can set up an online store, just like a Shopify Store, considered to be the best ecommerce platform. You can also use this to sell your Printify POD Products and other products you may have for sale.

This is a fantastic feature to take advantage of if you have a Facebook account. It has certain features that you can leverage, giving you more options to reach your customers.

When creating a print-on-demand online store, make sure you have a process to streamline your services. It should include choosing a company with a high quality of printing, reasonable shipping costs, a relatively straightforward process to order, an ability to meet your customer demand, and creating and selling custom products. These include t-shirts, golf balls, coffee mugs, hoodies, totes, etc.

What Products Can you Sell Through Printify?

Printify Home Pages
Printify Home Pages

Having a Printify account gives you the ability to sell many products. Among them are:

  • Men’s Clothing- Includes t-shirts, bodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, tank tops, sportswear, bottoms, and shoes.
  • Women’s Clothing- includes T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeves, tank tops, skirts & dresses, sportswear, swimwear, shoes, and bottoms.
  • Kid’s Clothing –includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeves, and baby clothing.
  • Accessories- includes facemasks, phone cases, bags, socks, underwear, hat, baby accessories, mouse pads, car accessories, and other things.
  • Home and Living- includes mugs, bottles & tumblers, canvas, posters, postcards, ornaments, journals & notebooks, magnets & stickers, home decor, bathroom (Like Shower Curtains), towels, blankets, pillows & covers, pets, and kitchen accessories.
  • AOP Clothing
  • Eco-Friendly
    Printify Sign Up Page
    Printify Sign Up Page

Having a solid print provider that can purvey so many different products and accessories is one of the things that can set you apart. Printify is a fantastic print-on-demand resource that you should consider adding to your repertoire to stand out in your marketplace.

What is a Print Provider?

Print providers print your designs on products and send them to your customers. They are responsible for print quality control and ensuring that your items are printed correctly.

Print Providers are ranked. You can sort to see which provider suits your needs best.

Below is a list of the Print Providers that Printify works with:

    • AVMM
    • Air Waves
    • Arts Add
    • Awkward Styles
    • Big Oven Tees – Canada
    • Big Oven Tees – United States
    • C4
    • Candlebuilders
    • Casestry
    • CatPrint
    • Catalyst Fabric Solutions
    • Chill
    • Colorway
    • Deco Slides
    • District Photo
    • Drive Fulfillment
    • Drukātava
    • Duplium
    • FYBY
    • Harrier
    • Ideju Druka
    • Imagine Your Photos
    • Ink Blot
    • JAMS Designs
    • Lamp In a Box
    • M-A-N-A Factory
    • M.i.A Merchandise
    • MWW On Demand
    • Miami Sublimation
    • Monster Digital
    • MyLocker
    • OPT OnDemand
    • PH Print Norden
    • Personalized Luggage
    • Photo Balloon Store
    • Pic the Gift
    • Pixxprint
    • Posterflow
    • Prima Printing
    • Print Clever
    • Print Geek
    • Print Logistic
    • Print Pigeons
    • Print Your Cause
    • Printed Mint
    • Printed Simply
    • Printforia
    • Printify Express
    • Prodigi
    • SPOKE Custom Products
    • Scalable Press
    • Sensaria
    • Shirt-King
    • Smart Printee
    • Stacked SCM
    • Stakes Manufacturing
    • Stoked on Printing
    • Sublimator
    • SunFrog Solutions
    • Swag Rabbit
    • SwiftPOD
    • T-Shirt and Sons
    • Textildruck Europa
    • That’s Custom
    • The Dream Junction
    • The Print Bar
    • ThreadStudio
    • Tribe Socks
    • Underground Threads
    • Uniqcube
    • Vanbal
    • WYOC
    • WPaPS
    • X-Print

Does it cost money to use Printify?

Printify Pricing Plan
Printify Pricing Plan

Printify offers a free plan where you don’t have to pay a monthly amount. This is great for those just starting out or those who want to test the service before committing to a paid plan. With the free plan, you have access to their mockup generator. You’ll also get their Shopify, Etsy, and eBay Integration. You can also do Custom order importation. With the free plan, you are limited to 5 stores.

With all the Printify plans, you don’t have to pay for the goods and shipping costs until an order is placed. In other words, you only pay after you manually set the demand for your custom product.

Once the order is placed, the Printify tools will take care of sending the order to the printing facilities. The Printify Print Providers will then have their facilities ship your POD products.

Your customers will get their items within a short period.

Printify also has a team that can take care of other services. You can hire them to perform advertising and measurement services. In other words, they can help you build a great marketing plan and help you execute it.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to order samples. This is important to do to see and feel the print quality for yourself. You can verify that the printing is to your liking and that the clothes fit properly.

Once you’re happy with the samples, you can confidently market your products to your customers.

Now you’re ready to start your print-on-demand business.

You can create a sole print-on-demand business or use these items to improve content and brand.

While other companies have similar technology, Printify is one of the best POD services.

Is Printify any good?

Printify is one of the best print-on-demand platforms anywhere. They have fantastic tools and more options that make the whole process more accessible than most other services.

For example, they have a native mockup generator that will show you what your finished product, such as t-shirts, will look like. That way, you can ensure that the product designs look good.

Printify also makes it easy to advertise your print-on-demand products. With the mockup tool and you having the ability to test order products, you can easily film people wearing the product or show models using the products using mockup images. This will help distinguish your business in the marketplace.

Printify allows you to use their app on your Shopify Store, WooCommerce Store, or eBay. It enables you to sell custom products and access multiple print providers.

It will take your eCommerce platform to the next level. You can also use Facebook products, such as a Facebook Store, to sell your print-on-demand items.

Printify has an excellent customer support team. You will quickly have access once you sign up for an account.

It has specific features and tools that other platforms don’t have access to. They give you quick printing and shipping and are one of the best companies to help you handle high demand.

Whether it’s a simple t-shirt or an elaborate sign, they have the tools to meet your production demands.

How do you make money from Printify?

Basically, you make money with Printify when someone orders one of your items. You make the difference between your cost and the price you charge.

There are many items you can sell via Printify. Through your ability to market, you can sell these products.

Printify has a free plan that should suffice for most online businesses. The premium plan account is for people who have more businesses and higher needs. But don’t worry. You will still be able to create and sell custom products. They can be core products or showcase other products and services to your customers.

To have a good brand and make money, you need to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. By using Printify, you will access high-quality products and fast shipping.

The other part of making money with Printify is marketing well. This means you need to have great ads with amazing photos and videos.

It also means that you must maintain an outstanding level of communication with your customers.

Make sure to answer all of their email inquiries and put out great content.

The best way to do this is to have a process that you follow daily. Answering inquiries and comments should be part of it.

Create and sell custom products

To have a well-branded online POD business, you would have your store’s URL.

Printify has third-party suppliers that will create your products for you and fulfill them.

Whether in person or via social media, you can sell Printify items through various sales channels.

There are people whose whole business is to create POD items with clever sayings and memes. They get a quote or saying and hire someone to design an image or find a meme to print on these items. They make a lot of money monthly doing this.

They find customers who are interested in that type of fashion.

A common way of starting this POD type of business is by creating a Shopify store and acquiring customers by advertising to them using social media.

Steps To Get Started With Printify

Printify Step 1
Printify Step 1

Pick a Product-

There are over 500 products for you to choose from. You need to decide what products you want to list for sale in your store. Using their app, you can do that easily. You can choose the product type, size, design to upload, etc.

Printify Step 2
Printify Step 2



You will be uploading designs and using the Mockup Generator to customize them.

Printify Step 3
Printify Step 3



You can order samples from the Print Provider you Choose. That way, you can vet the provider, their quality, and shipping times. You can always switch to another Print Provider if you’re not satisfied.

Printify Step 4
Printify Step 4



You can publish the finished product and design up to your store product page (Or blog) when you’re ready. Printify easily integrates with Shopify, Etsy, Wix, eBay, etc. That way, you can focus on selling.

Printify Step 5
Printify Step 5



Once a product is ordered, the logistics are taken care of. You can track the progress from your Printify account. Your focus should be on growing your brand and selling.


We hope you enjoyed the full review. Starting a print-on-demand business is relatively straightforward.

Thanks to companies like Printify, you can focus your energies on marketing and getting more customers. As you’ve seen, print on demand can be a whole business or can supplement your current business.

No matter what you choose, print on demand is a great way to make extra money or even create a full-time business.

Starting a print-on-demand business using printing offers many benefits:

  1. Printify offers high-quality products and fast shipping, which are essential for maintaining customer satisfaction.
  2. Printify makes it easy to integrate with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Etsy, and eBay, making it easy to sell your products online.
  3. Printify offers a wide range of print-on-demand products, including shirts, hoodies, pants, golf balls, backpacks, handbags, and phone cases.

They utilize highly vetted and reputable providers who pride themselves in printing and shipping the items with care.

Printify Blog
Printify Blog


Printify has an excellent reputation and offers a print-on-demand service that is great for those looking to start their own business or supplement their current income. They have excellent customer service and will answer any questions or concerns within 24 to 48 hours.

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