Jungle Scout Review 2022: The Ultimate Tool for Amazon Seller Success

Jungle Scout Entrepreneur


Jungle Scout Entrepreneur
Jungle Scout Entrepreneur
Jungle Scout Pricing
Jungle Scout Pricing
JungleScout Cobalt Menu
JungleScout Cobalt Menu
JungleScout Products Menu
JungleScout Products Menu

If you’re looking to start selling on Amazon, you need to use Jungle Scout. It’s the one Amazon research tool that can automate everything for you and help you find winning products, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors. With Jungle Scout, there’s no need to do things manually anymore. It is the number one platform for selling on Amazon. Its data-driven technology helps entrepreneurs create brands and any successful business.

Jungle scout is an app that serves as the number product research tool for Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) and other Amazon product selling services.

Jungle Scout has an extensive e-commerce database that helps users determine the best products, suppliers, prices, profitability, etc.

Female entrepreneur
Female entrepreneur

Jungle Scout makes it very easy to get started. They have a web app and a browser extension to give you live data. Jungle Scout will help you get started and be an essential part of your eCommerce journey when using Amazon.

You will have access to all of the data on Amazon, which will help you make the best decisions. They have unique filters so that you can see what products to sell in your business.

The Jungle Scout Team makes sure to supply the best customer service and submits information to the creative team so that new features are made available.

Entrepreneur Talking
Entrepreneur Talking

Amazon Product Research Tool

Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout

Amazon’s Opportunity Finder allows you to find profitable opportunities for products.

With Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder, you will be able to view the sales performance trends of products and identify the best opportunities for yourself. You’ll see the trending searches for people at a given point within the whole Amazon Catalog.

JungleScout Home Page
JungleScout Home Page

You’ll see the search volume, competition (You get access to things like your competition’s estimated revenue, which can indicate your potential), and the seasonality of products. That will give you an overview of each opportunity that gives you the average units sold, average price search volume, and seasonal trends, including tags. You’ll see which products get seasonal spikes and which ones are evergreen. Most important, you’ll get to the sales volume and seller rank, which are very important for your FBA product research.

JungleScout Solutions Menu
JungleScout Solutions Menu

It’s essential to determine what niches show seasonal spikes.

Jungle Scout is all in one platform that is a web app, so there’s no need to download any software. Even after deciding what product to sell, you’ll also have easy access to competitor insights. It is an excellent tool for product ideas and determining what products to sell because it has the best reputation and has been around for a long time.

You will get the exact rank for every product and every seller. This is just one of the tools available to you.

Jungle Scout is also an excellent tool for those people using Amazon FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant). Amazon FBA fulfills your products directly from their warehouses. However, with Amazon FBM, you fulfill the products directly from your home or facility. By filtering for Amazon FBM, you can identify opportunities for products that you can sell from your facility or do what’s called wholesaling.

JungleScout Resources Menu
JungleScout Resources Menu

Amazon wholesaling is when you sell products that you do not own. There are many ways to do this, and it is beyond the scope of this article. 

However, it is something that you may want to consider. (it may also be a safer way to start before you decide to commit to investing in inventory for your Amazon FBA business)


Jungle Scout has other features. Besides helping you with product ideas (Opportunity Score), it also helps you with inventory management and optimizing your business.

It does this by uploading the latest data and giving you the best tools.


What is Jungle Scout used for?

Jungle Scout has multiple uses.

Whether you want to create a viral launch or if you want to optimize your business, Jungle Scout is one of the leading software for Amazon business owners.

The Home Dashboard shows you an overview of your business. You can see sales widgets, which are high-level metrics. You get to see total sales, your total profit, units sold, ROI, Net Margin, and average sales price. You can also see the metrics of your marketing campaigns. The Jungle Scout Team provides the latest tools for you to do your product research and determine the exact rank of products in their catalog and take your company to the next level. It is both a web app and Chrome extension that you can use to organize the data helpfully for your company.


To find winning products for your Amazon Business, you should be aware that many features organize the data you can access.


How accurate is Jungle Scout?

JungleScout API Menu
JungleScout API Menu

Jungle Scout is great at helping you find your winning product. Jungle Scout’s software interfaces with Amazon’s API downloading their data. You can access their tools from that interface, including their product tracker. Their Product Research tools are among the best in the world.

Once you find your winning product, you’ll be able to upload your products up to Amazon and have access to your Amazon Sellers account. You can sell on Google and Facebook, as well as on other social media platforms. Having Amazon branding will also build trust in your buyers. A large percentage of Amazon Sellers use Jungle Scout for their tools and data.


What is Jungle Scout in Amazon?

Jungle Scout interfaces with Amazon’s API. This interface allows you to use the tools to find winning products, list optimization, and do robust FBA product research. The product ideas you gather will let you put together a list of viable products. It is ultimately up to you to determine what criteria to apply and decide what’s the winning product. You should keep in mind your company brand and vision. You can choose the products that represent what you stand for and what you wish to provide for your customers.

You can use the Chrome Extension and the Web App. You can use the Product Database, Opportunity Finder, and the extension.

Product Database

The Product Database tool helps you search for winning products. You can filter your search by selecting the product categories you are interested in. You can further filter by price range, net price, sales rank, revenue, reviews, and rating.

JungleScout Products Menu
JungleScout Products Menu

With these tools, you can find the products you’re most interested in selling.

JungleScout Products Menu
JungleScout Products Menu

The jungle scout chrome extension is a great tool that can help you get data about products when browsing Amazon on their site.

By selecting the product categories you’re interested in, you can filter your search and find the products you’re most interested in selling. The extension also provides you with a sales rank, revenue, reviews, and rating to further evaluate the product.

Overall, the jungle scout chrome extension is a great tool that can help you and your company get data about products when you’re on the Amazon site.

Start and scale your eCommerce business.


The tools on Jungle Scout help you with product research by looking at things such as estimated revenue (for Any given product). Still, they can also help you automate and organize your business.

Jungle Scout accesses Amazon’s data using the Amazon API (Application Program Interface).

They are the industry leader in creating and providing an organized format for you to view. They tell you sales volume, profit, growth, demand, and more.

They make the data available for you and your team in a different language to sell products to people from other countries.

Once you have a winning product, you’ll see that you can quickly put links on your sites or social media. These are the optimal vehicles that you want to use to send traffic to your Amazon product page.

The JungleScout team works hard to make it easy for entrepreneurs to find winning products.

You need to get good reviews on your sales page. Whether they come from Facebook or other sources, your customers look at reviews before purchasing decisions.

Ensure that you review other people’s sales pages for their reviews. Reviews give you clues as to the quality of the product. They help find opportunities for you to improve on the competition’s processes.

These tools make it easy for Amazon Sellers to use Jungle Scout. Any user can easily use the web app or the chrome extension.


Jungle Scout powers eCommerce

Jungle Scout allows you to find great products for Amazon. Still, you can also find hot products for other eCommerce opportunities.

Their chrome extension helps you find high-selling products while browsing Amazon Products.

You can also look at Amazon’s Bestsellers and Hot products. If any products interest you, you can further research them using Jungle Scout.

Ready to get started?

To get started with Jungle Scout, you need to visit their site.

Suppose you’re interested in using Jungle Scout to help you find winning products and grow your business. In that case, you can sign up for their Basic, Suite, or Professional Plans.


The Basic Plan

The basic plan gives you access to the jungle scout product database and chrome extension so you can start doing product research.

You get a single-user license and the Review Automation Core Tool. It’s $29/month if you pay annually. If you pay month-to-month, it’s $49/month.

The Suite Plan

Their most popular plan is the Suite Plan. With the Suite Plan, you access the Review Automation tools with their Advanced features.

You also get access to advanced features, such as historical product data and keyword data. It’s $69/month or $589 if paid annually.

The Professional Plan

The Professional Plan gives you access to up to 1,000 ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Up to 6 users are included.

You get up to 6 months of historical data in Product Tracker and 2 years of historical keyword data, plus priority onboarding.

With any of the levels, you get a money-back guarantee, and you can cancel at any time. 

You also get access to:

the chrome browser extension, 

Opportunity Score tool, 

Review Downloader, Product Tracker (The Product Tracker allows you to track a certain number of products, depending on your Jungle Scout Level.), 

Amazon Sales Estimator, 

Opportunity Finder, 

Product Database, 

Keyword Scout 

and Supplier Database.


What Level is For Me?

Many of those tool’s levels depend on the Jungle Scout level of access you pay for.

They also provide excellent training. You get access to Jungle Scout’s Academy Training and excellent customer support.

When you’re ready to decide what product to sell, you should use their Supplier Database so that you can contact them for inventory information.

Once you’re ready to start on Amazon, you must sign up for an Amazon Seller Central Account. You can either get a Professional Account or an Individual Account. The Professional Account will cost you $39.99 per month, and the Individual Account is free, but you pay $1 per item. If you plan to sell over 40 products, then a Professional Account is worth it.

You will need to fill in your personal information and/or your company information when you sign up.

You will then need to create a listing. Remember to have excellent product pictures, descriptions, and bullet points.


How to Decide on a Product?

When choosing the best product to sell on Amazon, there are a few essential criteria to consider. While we can’t tell you how to brand or what products may best suit your vision, there are logistical considerations.

The best products to start with are relatively lightweight and small ones. This will minimize shipping costs. You should Google “Amazon’s Product Size Tiers.” This will help you understand the product size and weight costs.

You should also consider the ease of sourcing your product. The more suppliers that have your product, the better it is for you to decide. That way, you can have different companies to choose from. You can pick the ones that have the best quality, price, and service.

Try to choose products that are in demand throughout the year. It can be frustrating to have products in inventory that don’t sell during certain times of the year.

Jungle Scout’s Product Database can help you filter the niche and can help you set a lower limit for demand and reviews. You can also select a price range for products to choose from.

Stay away from products with Copyright or Trademark issues unless you have an arrangement with the licensing companies.

Are Keywords Important?


Keywords are an essential part of having success on Amazon. Like Google results, the Amazon Search Engine ranks and returns listings based on Keywords. The listings with the best search engine results get the most traffic and consequently have the most success.

Jungle Scout allows you to research keywords, and you can get ideas on how to rank for those keywords to reach the top listings.

You can also pay to get listed based on keywords. So when someone searches for your product, you can pay to have your results listed on the top of the first few pages.

Jungle Scout Features

With Jungle Scout, you can view any product’s historical price trends.  This is important because you’ll be able to tell if the price is stable and if you can consistently make money with it.  

Another one of Jungle Scout’s features is the historical ranking of the product.  This is another great feature so you can tell how the product has performed over time.

Lastly, you can directly see the Google Trends graph directly on the platform without you having to go into the Google Trends site.  


Jungle Scout is the Amazon research tool you need to make more money.

Jungle Scout automates everything from finding winning products to estimating sales and spying on competitors.

Jungle Scout’s Advanced features include historical product data and keyword data.

They have different plans to choose from. They give you access to up to many ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) and access to months of historical data and give you Keyword ideas.

You get a money-back guarantee at any jungle scout level and access to their chrome browser.


You can try out jungle scout for free with their 7-day trial or choose from one of their affordable monthly plans.

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