How to Build Your Own Membership Site: A Complete Guide




If you are looking to create your own membership site, then this is the article for you! Here we will discuss some of the tools and best practices that can help make it easier. It’s not as difficult as you might think. You just need a little guidance from someone who has been there before.

-Choose the Right Platform- You have many choices when creating a membership site. Some of the things to consider when choosing are:

– who will be building the website

– what features you need for your membership site (payment processing, forums)

– do you want to use a CMS or not?

What is Your Budget For Costs and Fees? This can also affect which platform would work best for you. WordPress has many options but may cost more than other platforms like Shopify because it requires hosting as well. Or if you are building an open source project then Joomla might make sense.

You Will Need Some Hosting – You’ll either have someone host your site on their server or purchase Web Hosting from a company that specializes in this service such as GoDaddy® . Be sure they offer: PHP versions greater than version five, MySQL, etc.

How will you accept payments from Your Customer? There are many payment gateways out there. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Things to consider are: costs, types of payment accepted, speed of payment, etc.

Setting Up The Membership Site-

Every membership site will need a login form. This is where the members of your website can enter their username and password to gain access to protected areas of the site. To create this, you’ll first have to install WordPress or another blogging platform (or some other type if your building an open source project) on top of Web Hosting.

Next, you’ll want to set up a new administrator account with all the privileges that account needs for managing posts and comments on blog sites such as: delete comment; edit post; etcetera…

Once logged in go ahead and choose Appearance > Themes, then select either Default Theme or Customize Your-self theme from the drop down menu under Manage Themes .

Installing the Membership plugin in Word Press- Once you have finished installing the theme, you can install the membership plugin of your choosing.

– There are plenty of plugins you can choose from, and some offer both free and paid memberships.

– I have found that the most popular plugin is called Membership Site Lite by MyThemeShop. It’s a pay membership site with an affordable price point for building your own website.

*You will need to create your account on their website before purchasing or downloading.*

Note that once you install the Membership plugin, you will need to set the different membership levels for your members. You can do this by filling in the different membership levels and setting their prices.

– If you’re building a site with only free memberships, then your setup will look something like this:

– Free Membership Level: Basic

*Users who choose to sign up for the basic level of membership are able to read any posts that have been published.*

– Paid Memberships Levels (optional): Premium & Lifetime. The costs associated with these two options vary depending on what type of information you want viewers to be privy too.

– Once you’ve set up all three types of memberships, it’s time to put together some enticing content! Of course, accessibility to different content should vary, depending on the level of membership.

Premium and lifetime members will need access only post related articles or one piece in depth article as well as videos tutorials about building a website using WordPress building their own blog from scratch.

Of course, these are only suggestions and you will ultimately decide how to set it up. The idea is to provide constant and increasing value to your customers so that they continue paying for your hard work.

Some other plug-ins to consider are: Optin monster, WP Forms, and MonsterInsights.

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