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Originally Instagram was a place to share your photos with friends and family, but now it has grown so much that there are over 1 billion users on the platform. This is great for those who want an easy way of connecting with people all around the world! But not everyone can take advantage of this growth because links which could drive traffic outside of Instagram have been curbed by their policies (unsurprisingly).

So if you’re looking to expand your social media presence, make sure you post in these 3 places:

  • Bio link-up
  • IG Stories
  • IGTV Description

A Sad Reality of Instagram for Marketers

Many marketers find it difficult to use the social media site, which is primarily visual and superficial. They post pictures/videos of themselves, their meals and other seemingly inane stuff – unlike Facebook or Pinterest. Unlike these platforms where people can communicate with each other through discussion threads about current events or links on informational websites like Wikipedia-posts that are related to them respectively; Instagram seems one dimensional because there’s no way anyone could have a deep conversation without text messaging (and engaging emoticons).

A lot of people mistakenly believe that Instagram is just another photo sharing app, when in reality it’s a social media platform. Unlike Facebook which encourages discussion and communication or Pinterest with links to informational websites – Instagram seems to be very one-dimensional. There are over 800 million monthly active users on the site who share photos about everything from meals they cook for themselves every day to selfies taken all throughout their lives, but marketers need more than this if they want followers online and real life consumers as well! To build an effective following at both levels, you need something valuable enough so your audience will see past what may seem like yet another picture feed – these ideas can range anywhere from putting up videos discussing interesting topics (in order not only make money but to connect!)

So, trying to build a following on Instagram for marketing purposes is much more difficult and time consuming because you’ll need to be constantly posting images that get attention from a crowd with the short attention span.

But there is an easy way out of this!

You can save time by tapping into the popularity influencers or niche pages already have built up over their years in business.

Leveraging Influencer’s Popularity

You might be wondering what an influencer is. Influencers are people who have a large following on their pages, and it’s usually in the form of thousands or even millions of followers! They can also come from niche pages that cater to smaller audiences with just as many followers.

These platforms offer tons of opportunities for you because if someone has enough clout with this audience, then they will post your links right in front them so more eyeballs see it– which means greater exposure! The great thing about these networks? It doesn’t cost much money at all; heck sometimes there’s no charge at all depending on how big the platform is… but don’t worry- whether its free or not: IT WORKS GREAT!!

Step #1- Choosing a Product

The first thing you’ll do is check the stats of your product on ClickBank. It’s important to see how much competition there will be when choosing an affiliate program for yourself.

For the sake of Argument, let’s say you choose a dog Product–Brain Training for Dogs.

We notice that the product is a real winner.  It has amazing Gravity, which means that it’s popular and the afilliates are making their sales and commissions.


Step #2 Is the Niche Viable?

The next step is to see if your product has an audience on Instagram. To do this, you’ll go onto the site and search for a related keyword or hashtag. For example, we’ll use “dog.”

In order to get started finding these terms that are relevant in relation to our niche (dogs), it’s important first of all that we know what type of dog page interests us most: Dog food/products? Rescue dogs? Dogs with human faces Photoshopped over them like they’re wearing sweaters while drinking coffee at Starbucks because CUTE! So now let’s begin with searching through certain hashtags such as #DogsOfInstagram -a handle which features some pretty creative photos-or maybe even something more niched down.

Let’s click on the ‘doggosdoingthings’ page…

From the image above, you can see that this page has a massive following of 2.7 million followers. That’s fantastic reach and many such pages on Instagram give influencers with significant followings an opportunity to grow their brands through sponsored posts like these where they attach links to products or services in exchange for money (or other compensation). The link in the bio is a link to their website-this is arguably one of your most important pieces of real estate if you want people visiting from outside sources since it will be what others are seeing when arriving at your account first thing after clicking ‘Follow’. And as we go along throughout this report, I’ll walk readers step by step though how best contact those who have large follower bases but don’t know how to monetize their following.

Step #3 – Strategy

You can take 3 paths with your traffic:

1. send them straight to a product sales page,

2. place an opt-in form in the click path to generate leads and grow your email list,


3. post it on Instagram. Test which one works best for you!

With option #1 – sending the traffic directly to the sales page is effective because you’ll earn quick commissions and recoup your costs, should they buy. With option#2 – If people are more interested in a long-term strategy than making an immediate purchase then this might be better for them as it will take longer to get results but eventually grow their own audience on Instagram. However with Option 3: You’ll have a higher chance of getting eyeballs to your Instgram account which can lead into future opportunities through social media platforms and you can become an influencer yourself.

Step #4 – Tracking

You absolutely MUST track your links to know if the influencer’s audience is clicking on them and if they are converting into sales. Sign up for a ClickMagick or other tracking software account, and you will be able to do just that with ease! There are many advanced features within this software which enable one to better understand which links convert well or not so much – all of this information can help provide insight when it comes time for another campaign in order maximize efficiency by focusing more attention onto what works best while abandoning those other under-performers.

If you don’t wish to use ClickMagick or other software, you can always create a tracking link within ClickBank.

Once you click on the ‘Promote’ button…

You’ll see an option to add a tracking link…

For this example, we’ll use ‘test’ as the nickname (use your REAL nickname when actually doing it), and our tracking ID will be ‘doggos’ because that’s the name of the page and it’s easier to keep track of things.

You’ll notice that ClickBank provides a long, unsightly encrypted link. While you could use this link as is, it isn’t advisable to.

Instead of using the unaesthetic URL for your affiliates and followers in social media or email links which may be shared with others who might try to hack into them; instead consider shortening those bulky URLs by clicking on one of these three options: TinyURL (http://tinyurl-com), PrettyLinks plugin (you can get more information about how at http://www.prettylinkpros) or if you’re already signed up for ClickMagick software then just use their default shortener found when editing an affiliate campaign’s settings!

Step #5 – Create an Image

When contacting an influencer, you can do one of two thing:

Ideally, you should go with option #2, though some influencers may suggest to leave it to them since they know their audience better and have an idea of what works well.

This may be true… and you may choose to trust them.

Either way, you must still create an image because you’ll be approaching several different influencers and many will be lazy and would rather have a post that’s already done for them.

When creating an image, it’s CRUCIAL that there’s congruence between the image and the sales page. We’ll look at the Brain Training For Dogs example again.

This is what the sales page looks like…

So, we’ll need to create a similar image that reflects the same ‘theme’.

We can use Canva to do this for free, and one wonderful feature of Canva is that the dimensions are all ready for you to use.

And we’d then create an image like this…

Now if we compared the official website side by side with the image we created…

It’s time to take this level of congruence one step further. If you have a graphic designer on Fiverr, then they can create an image that will look even more similar than it does now! Once your logo and headline are the same but with some changes in color for emphasis or contrast, next is getting those images onto each social media platform so anyone scrolling through their feed could see how relevant your page is to them.

Step #6 – Finding Influencers

If you’re looking for an influencer to promote your product on Instagram, the best place to start is by searching through niche pages. While it might seem easier just go with a broad topic like ‘dogs’ and hope that something pops up in your industry or related fields, we recommend finding a more specific page instead of scrolling endlessly down their timeline hoping someone will tag us at some point. So if this post was about dog training tips (like yours), then I would want to search for a profile focused specifically on dogs – not necessarily within my field but still relevant enough so as only take one step further than what’s needed when promoting our work/products!

 In addition…

We can also use these tools while browsing

At one glance, you can tell he’s a dog trainer and has his own course/services.

If we clicked on the link in his bio…we get taken to this page…

The owner of your favorite dog training service might be reluctant to promote another company’s products on social media. But if you’re the creator or a course and are offering him an enticing commission, he’ll gladly post links in his bio section!

You can find what you’re looking for by being smart about your choices. Let’s say that you’re in the numerology niche and want to break into ClickBank which has a very popular product called Numerologist.com.

The search is not always as easy as it would seem, but don’t panic! If we take this example of someone who wants to make money off their knowledge on numbers – when they go onto clickbank, there are tons of products like “Numerologist” already out there and just waiting for them – however if one were more careful with where they searched then they could save themselves from running head first into an established market space without any path forward or even worse: competing against other websites.

This page is not monetized because it doesn’t have a link. The owner of this account may be willing to post your links for you if you offer them something in return, like money!

This is what shows up..

If we clicked on ‘lifepathnumbers’…

10.9k followers… and they’re using a link shortener – TinyURL.

The owner of this page knows what he’s doing. Let’s click on the bio link… and we’re taken to this page…

You’ll never know who the owner of this page is. The only way to find out will be by contacting them and asking! But what does matter, is that there are marketers actively employing these strategies on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for businesses – so you need to follow all pages in your niche too! Just click the ‘follow button’ to get started today…

Once you click on ‘Follow’ button you’ll see this…

See that ‘Message’ button?

Clicking on it will open a dialog box, and now you can contact the owner of the page to pitch your proposal. (We’ll get to that further down.)

So, now you know how to find influencers… and contact them.

Here are 2 more ways to make your content go viral:

Once you click ‘Follow’ on Instagram, the site will show a list of suggested accounts for your liking. Apparently these are some of their most popular pages based off various metrics including likes and engagement levels!

Keep up your social media game by following these pages. They’re like influencers, and you can contact them in the future if you need any help with anything! Try to follow 10 a day at most – it’s better not to overdo things too much or else they’ll notice on sites that track those sorts of thingies. Be consistent though – don’t take more than one or two days off from keeping up this low-key strategy every week for optimal success!

Do things consistently, but don’t overdo it!!

Go ahead and follow the pages that are related to your niche. All these will serve as ‘influencers’ that you can contact in future.

Do NOT overdo the ‘following’.

The way to get more Instagram likes is by seeing what the app suggests to you. If you use it on your mobile (which I recommend), then when clicking on a magnifying glass, there will be several posts related in that niche for me. The reason this works so well is because of how closely Instagram understands my interests and gives me content just like these pictures–and only ones from one niche at that! And since all the suggested images are geared towards one specific topic, there won’t be any confusion with other types of photos or accounts

In order to see those suggestions easily without scrolling through pages upon pages of irrelevant results, make sure each account has its own set-up page tailored specifically for whatever type of marketing work they do best in.

For the best marketing results, it’s important to have a separate account for your company’s content. By liking only posts from one niche on this account, you won’t be confused by suggestions and all suggested posts will be related to that niche. Some people prefer using Instagram in desktop mode because there is an icon available instead of just clicking on the magnifying glass which does nothing different than what was already done before (liking).

So, this is where we stand now:

* You have a product to promote

* You created a post/image that the influencer can use

* You know your options for the bio link

* You know how to track the links and conversions

* You know how to find influencers and contact them

Now let’s look at a few pointers that might help you before we start contacting the influencers…

3 Handy Things to Know:

1. If you’re looking to create a compelling opt-in page, there are plenty of resources available online that will help get the job done. Thrive Architect and OptimizePress both provide powerful tools for creating high quality pages in no time flat. LeadPages is another great option packed with features including split testing, mobile compatibility, landing pages and more! No matter which builder your choose to use – just make sure it gets the job done right! (You don’t need all of them.)

2. You can use Google and YouTube for content Ideas.

3. Since Instagram only allows one link in the bio, you may want to direct visitors to a page that has multiple options.

A creative way of doing this is by posting links on your other social media platforms with corresponding hash tags so followers can click and choose their favorite route!

For example, a link to an opt in page, a link to the ClickBank product and even a link to a physical product on Amazon.

One of the easiest tools you can use to achieve this objective is – Linktree.

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